Core Competencies

Helping businesses in data management

SoftSource delivers the following core competencies to help business ensure they meet their uptime objectives, protect their data and manage their storage resources – all while keeping an eye on cost.

1Storage Management

SoftSource aims to help businesses reduce cost through staff and asset maximisation. We help businesses extend the useful lifespan of their existing assets, enhance their storage management through lowered costs and increase resource utilization. In addition, through streamlining operational procedures, our customers enjoy more time and cost savings with optimised support resources, reduced training time and elimination of human errors.

2Data Availability

We help customers maximise data availability to ensure their business operate continuously. Besides minimising down time and maximising cost avoidance benefits, our data availability solutions have been instrumental in helping many customers sharpen their competitive advantage. This is especially critical in volatile industries where time savings has become synonymous with excellent customer service: the faster one can serve one’s customers, the sooner the sale impacts one’s bottom line. At SoftSource, we understand our customers’ challenges and have been pioneering innovative storage solutions to help our customers continually improve their service availabilities against the intense competition.

3Data Recovery

In the event of a crisis, our unique approach to data recovery concentrates on enabling customers to recover as much of their critical data, as near as possible to the time before the incident happens. Our strategic disaster recovery services guide customers in prioritizing their mission critical applications and balancing this against potential costs such as loss of shareholder value, cost of downtime, cost of data reconstruction etc. In this arena, we have differentiated ourselves by being one of the first in the region to recommend disk based backup, tiered offline storage management and virtual tape library implementations to our clients.

4Data Archival

Besides the storage of operational data, businesses also face increasing demands to archive business related information to meet regulatory compliance requirements. At SoftSource, our industry- leading data archival solutions and services have not only help businesses be more compliant but also reduce their storage costs through revolutionary approaches such as the use of single instant storage, email archival, file archival and leveraging on cheaper storage medium.

5Program Management

With 70% of our staff strength in professional services work, with the majority having had extensive experience in managing enterprise IT infrastructures, SoftSource is able to draw on our in-depth storage management expertise to offer program management services to our customers. As a trusted advisor, we help customers roll out programs such as Request For Proposal and Proof of Concepts. We also offer valued added services such as Storage System Audits, Health Checks and short term Outsourcing of storage operations.